Casa Palmera sincerely appreciates all of the patients and families we have had the privilege of serving over the years. We are grateful to those who have taken the time to share about their experiences by providing online reviews of Casa Palmera! Please find below testimonials from our former patients, families, and friends.

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Yelp is a great resource for local information and reviews on businesses and restaurants. However, they have a history of filtering many reviews they deem as not meeting minimum qualifications. The reasons and background information that they give for ‘not meeting qualifications’ are vague and unclear.

According to Yelp:
“Why would a review not be recommended?
There are a number of reasons why a review might not be recommended. For example, the review might have been posted by a less established user, or it may seem like an unhelpful rant or rave. Some of these reviews are fakes (like the ones we see originating from the same computer) and some suggest a bias (like the ones written by a friend of the business owner), but many are real reviews from real customers who we just don’t know much about and therefore can’t recommend.”

We have attempted to work with Yelp to correct and see how we can offer a better experience and objective state of review from REAL patients who have been to Casa Palmera for treatment. Keep in mind that we have not directly requested or given incentives to individuals to post a review on Yelp. However, they continue to flag all positive reviews, even though they completely follow guidelines and recommendations given. For that reason, we have decided to simply give you a chance to read all reviews on the Casa Palmera Yelp page.

Below are ‘not recommended’ reviews that have been taken straight from their website.