Casa Palmera values our history of providing a unique healing experience. Please read first hand reviews from our patients throughout the years.

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    mother and daughter embracing
  • “A place that creates miracles, hope, and happiness.
  • “Life Changing.”
  • “In the beginning, I felt confused and fearful. Today, I feel healed and want to continue to do so.”
  • “Casa Palmera saved my life. They gave me a foundation that will enable me to stay sober and work my program for a new life filled with hope!”
  • “Best thing that ever happened to me.”
  • “Everything was great. Better than expected.”
  • “Casa has truly become a home to me! I love the staff!”
  • “We can sum up all of recovery by saying we need to learn to survive our feelings. You can learn to do that here at Casa”
  • “Casa Palmera created hope for a future in a time of great strife in my life. They helped me rediscover and learn to appreciate all of the positive forces in my life.”
  • “Great experience and very helpful. I feel I’ve learned a lot.”
  • “The best choice I have made for my recovery and my life.”
  • “I had a wonderful experience at Casa. The staff was wonderful from the nursing, to therapist, to kitchen, to the women who cleaned our rooms and did the laundry. I am so happy that I came to Casa.”
  • “Therapeutic and well structured.”
  • “Nothing changes if nothing changes”
  • “Casa Palmera is a safe, wonderful treatment center filled with knowledgeable and dedicated staff and professionals.”
  • “Casa staff cares about the patients and treat you with love.”
  • “A very pleasant experience. I am sad to have to leave. I have never met such a warm and caring staff in my life. I also felt at home here. Thank you”
  • “I get it! I can’t even consider moderation. I’m done with alcohol and I’m embracing a new life with optimism.”
  • “Could be real fun at times – karaoke and games.”
  • “Casa Palmera taught me, and showed me how good life can really be.”
  • “Casa Palmera gave me my life.”
  • “My experience at Casa Palmera was life changing for me, and I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity!”
  • “It didn’t kill me ~ it made me stronger!”
  • “It was very beneficial to learn techniques on how to improve my communication.”
  • “I learned much more than I thought I would from this experience!
  • Most importantly, I will be working on being more involved in my daughters’ lives and establishing better communication with them.”
  • “A safe place for a hard journey”
  • “Best program I have been to by a long shot”
  • “I didn’t want to be in this position, but I feel it was an excellent mid-life checkup and everyone could benefit from this (more than we know or are willing to admit).
  • I would strongly recommend Casa Palmera.”
  • “Coming to Casa is the best gift I have ever given myself!”
  • “I’ve been at Casa 90 days. I have my life back.”
  • “This was the best place I’ve ever been to.”
  • “Casa is a wonderful, safe and nurturing environment that allows for tremendous personal growth experiences through a range of modalities and treatment.”
  • “Very spiritual! Staff are very caring and love what they do. We all work together to achieve the goal of recovery.”
  • “An uplifting experience that cleansed my mind, body, and soul.”
  • “Very blessed to have had Casa Palmera, my place for my relapse savior”
  • “A perfect and balanced approach to healing with a staff that is more than qualified to meet your needs.”
  • “Friendly, caring staff that do their best to make treatment as pleasant and successful as possible”
  • “It was the best decision I have ever made. This experience changed my life.”
  • “This environment brings a new family away from home!”
  • “Casa Palmera has an amazing staff and really turned my life around.”
  • “A lifesaving program.”

    • “It was a valued chance to see a part of her days as she moves through the program and grows into her true self. Through your program, we were able to recommit as a couple and as individuals to the honesty and integrity that have defined our lives together in the past and will continue to do in the future. I feel that we are better people for having spent those three days working together.”


    • “The Family Program was very educational and helped us get on the same page with one another. For myself personally, I know what I need to work on to help support my daughter.”
    • “I feel that we all have a greater sense of empathy towards each other and this opportunity has provided a fresh start for all of us”
    • “I had no idea what to expect from the Family Program, but it was above and beyond what I even imagined. Learning tools to develop and maintain our family unit was very helpful and dealing with acceptance was a huge step for me.”
    • “I am blessed to have this opportunity! I feel encouraged, supported and optimistic about my daughter’s future. This program has given me hope!”
    • “I really enjoyed this opportunity to participate in the Family Program because I recognized how my actions towards my granddaughter are pushing her away. Being aware of this gives me an opportunity to change so I can better support her. Everyone we worked with was also very informative, professional and kind.”
    • “This experience exceeded my expectations!
    • I was very impressed with how much was included in a three day program. I look forward to nurturing my relationship with my daughter.”
    • “It was wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in my daughter’s treatment process and better understand Casa Palmera’s approach. I am impressed overall with the rich structure of the Family Program and I feel confident from this experience that she will succeed.”
    • “I feel like I have a better understanding of what my daughter is going through and how we can best support her.”
    • “The Family Program was all that I expected and more! I feel like we had an opportunity to work through things on a deeper level. It also had a rich and dynamic structure that was very beneficial.”
    • “The Family Program provided an opportunity for me to identify my personal patterns and how they relate to our family dynamic. This experience was very educational and now I understand why the Family Program is such an important part of the treatment process.”
    • “The Family Program was very helpful for both my mom and I to establish a better relationship with each other. It was great having her a part of the treatment process and the opportunity for her to learn about my disorder.”
    • “This program was a perfect opportunity to bring our family together and learn how to be supportive of my sister.”
    • “I’m glad that we had this opportunity to come together as a family and better understand each other.

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