Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

With marijuana becoming legal in more and more states, the use of this drug may seem to be more common than ever, whether it’s for medicinal or recreational reasons. But as with any drug, you must be careful as use can easily turn into misuse. If you use this drug frequently, you may find yourself asking, “Am I addicted to marijuana?”

In fact, 30 percent of people who use marijuana are considered to have marijuana use disorder, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Usually, it takes the form of marijuana dependence. As with many other drugs, habitual marijuana use can trigger a tolerance that may lead you to increase your intake of marijuana to get that relaxed, mellow feeling you crave. This can become a problem if your marijuana use is disruptive to your daily life and you find yourself spending more and more time chasing that high. A marijuana addiction assessment may help you determine if your use is becoming a problem that hampers your ability to lead a productive life.

Marijuana Addiction Debate

There is still some debate about how addictive marijuana can be. It is not as dangerous to your health as drugs such as heroin or cocaine, and there is a much lower risk of addiction and practically no risk of overdose. Typically, if you stop using marijuana, the withdrawal symptoms are much milder compared to those for other drugs; they may include problems with eating and sleeping, irritability, and restlessness. However, marijuana can activate receptors in the brain similar to the way opiates do, triggering the brain’s reward response that may lead to addictive behaviors with those types of drugs. Because of that, some experts say there may be the potential for addiction with marijuana as well. It’s also worth noting that the potency of marijuana has increased in recent years, which could be a factor in creating a dependency on the drug.

While you may not think it’s important to ask yourself, “Am I addicted to marijuana,” it is still wise to take an honest look at whether you have a marijuana use disorder. You may tell yourself you don’t have a problem, or it’s easy to quit, but marijuana use disorder can still cause problems in your life, robbing you of the time needed for work, family, school, or other commitments because you are focused on using the drug instead. This, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on your relationships, career, and finances. Science continues to search for answers on how marijuana can affect brain function and mental health, meaning this topic is always evolving. Marijuana may be considered a “safer” drug than most, but it’s not completely safe and, like all drugs and alcohol, marijuana use does come with risks you should watch out for.

Marijuana Addiction Self-Assessment

If you’re ready to learn more, take a few minutes to complete this free marijuana addiction self-assessment. If you decide to take action, reach out to the professional team at Casa Palmera for help.