Changing People Places And Things In Your Addiction

changing people places and things in your addiction los angelesChanging People, Places, and Things During Addiction

Getting clean and sober in drug rehabilitation is no simple task. Just the thought of the massive changes that are suggested as a program of recovery can scare you away—until the next bottom.

Don’t panic. Everything your treatment specialists and counselors at the drug and alcohol treatment center is only a suggestion. But think it through, and remember you’ve made it this far, you’re feeling good thanks to 90 days in drug rehab and you’re willing to go to any lengths to maintain your sobriety.

Changing for Addiction Treatment

changing people places and things in your addiction los angelesThey say when it comes to recovery, the only thing you have to change is everything. And what’s that we hear? More panic? Hang on to what you’ve learned in treatment for addiction and you’ll make it through.

Current research indicates that 90 days is the necessary period of time one should spend in residential treatment to foster long-term recovery. Research shows people who complete 90 consecutive days of residential treatment are 35% more likely to maintain 5 years of unbroken recovery then people who don’t, for whatever reason, complete 90 days of treatment. Casa Palmera, a drug and alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, California offers an inpatient 90-day program with comprehensive treatment options designed to meet the needs of every individual seeking help.

And after three months, away from the triggers of everyday life including certain people, places and things that hold you back from the happiness and the clean and sober life that’s waiting for you?

What Will You Change During Drug Treatment?

People. How many of your friends visited or called you in drug rehabilitation? The list probably doesn’t include your drug dealer, your friends from the bar (whose last names you don’t even know) or anyone who was ever hurt or negatively affected by your drinking and drugging. Consider this a blessing; they’ve done half the work already when it comes to letting people go out of your life, the ones who say they’ll buy you a cocktail to celebrate or even trade one for your 90 chip from drug and alcohol treatment. And the rest? You’ll figure it out once you’ve been clean and sober for a bit of time, and those people will start to fall away.

Places. You have no reason to pull up a bar stool at your favorite watering hole and regale everyone with stories about your time in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. They’ll probably stop listening the moment they hear the words “rehab,” “sober” or “AA.” If you’re there to get them all to quit drinking and join you on the sober path, it won’t work. Now get out of there, and get yourself to a meeting.

Things. Changing things? You’re back to panic mode. You can’t imagine taking off that chain around your neck with the razor blade charm, throwing away your bong or anything else that reminds you of your old life—certain routines, photos, even clothing. And how’s your attitude after all this emotional pain and upheaval? That counts, too. You’re sober now. The last thing you need is to keep this stuff around for you to romanticize or regret the past.

Only you can change during Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

It’s up to you to decide what your recovery is going to look like. Entering rehab, taking the 12 steps to heart and creating a new life is hard, but never impossible. To learn more about how you can change, contact us today.