5 Dangers Associated With Alcohol Use

1. Physical Violence

Violence is commonly associated with intense alcohol use. Although not all people experience violence as a result of alcohol use, this problem is common among those who are heavily intoxicated. Violent acts may include abuse of family members, assault, and homicide. In order to prevent such occurrences, many people seek out help for alcohol addiction from drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Although alcohol use is not the primary cause of violence, it does seem to relate to the presence of violence. This may be due to the fact that alcohol tends to lower people’s inhibitions. In towns with more bars and alcohol available, the violence rate is much higher. Women are more likely to be subjected to physical violence by their partner than men are, especially if that person frequently abuses alcohol. Children are also frequent victims of alcohol-related abuse.

2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

When a person is under the influence of alcohol, they are much more likely to have unprotected sex as well as have sex with a number of different people. This risky behavior increases the chance that a person will contract a sexually transmitted disease. Unplanned pregnancy is also another consequence which may result after consuming large amounts of alcohol and engaging in irresponsible behavior.

Alcohol is often associated with sexual behavior and poor judgment, reasons which may explain risky behavior. Memory loss is another common side affects of alcohol use and a common reason why STD testing rarely occurs. Lack of STD treatment when a complication occurs may gradually worsen the condition. Also, those who already test positive for HIV typically drink alcohol on a regular basis and can be categorized as alcoholics. Prevent you or your loved ones from contracting a harmful STD and seek professional help at an alcohol rehabilitation center today.

3. Vandalism

Vandalism is a common illegal act among those under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Schools, homes, businesses and parks are all affected by vandalism. This crime costs cities thousands of dollars every year to combat. College students (typically in group living situations) will often participate in binge drinking, an act that often leads to acts of vandalism.

There are a number of different acts associated with vandalism. These include graffiti writing; destruction of public property such as street lights, street signs, and park benches; damaging private property which may include cars and store windows; theft; destroying trees and bushes; and fire starting.

4. Injury

Injury is a type of hazard which can be associated with alcohol use. Injury is different from violence in that injury is most often accidental. Types of accidental injuries caused by alcohol abuse or addiction include burns, injury from a car or boating accident (caused by drunk driving), drowning, and injury from falling.

Self-injury and suicide are other problems which occur when a person is under the influence of alcohol. These problems may become more frequent during this time because depressive-type feelings arise in certain people while drinking. In order to prevent serious injury from taking place, many professionals recommend alcoholic rehab at a treatment for alcoholism center. These facilities help those who suffer from alcohol addiction and enable them to live a healthier lifestyle.

5. Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and rape are common problems among those who frequently abuse alcohol. This may be in part caused by the fact that alcohol makes some people behave in a sexual manner, lowers inhibitions, causes confusion, and often prevents a person from effectively defending themselves. If a person cannot defend themselves or think clearly, they will not be able to prevent themselves from being harmed if they are sexually attacked.

While alcohol does not cause someone to commit or become subjected to sexual assault, it can contribute. In fact, approximately 30 to 40 percent of people convicted of rape and sexual assault claim to have been under the influence at the time the crime was committed. In many of these cases, the victim was also under the influence. The negative effects caused by alcohol abuse are much higher than any positive effects it causes. Seek alcoholic treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab center today to prevent any further negative effects of alcohol abuse and addiction.