FAQ: The Legalities of Crack Addiction in the United States

Crack addiction has mainly been viewed as an urban problem, but it is no longer restricted to low-income, low-education areas. Over half a million Americans are regular users of crack, and many of these people may be living next door to you or even in your own home.

How widespread is crack addiction?

Crack addiction has subsided since the 1980s, but it is still a widespread epidemic.

Almost 4 million Americans have tried crack cocaine at least once in their life.
Nearly half a million people regularly use crack.
Over 600,000 people have used crack in the past month.
Nearly 2.5 percent of high school seniors and nearly 2 percent of 8th and 10th graders have tried crack cocaine at least once.
Over 25 percent of teens say it’s easy for them to get crack.

How are crime rates affected by crack addiction?

There is a direct relation between the spread of crack cocaine and the rise of crime rates. This is mainly because crack addiction causes users to go to any lengths to fund their habit. During the crack epidemic of the 1980’s (when crack cocaine was first introduced to America), the homicide rate for young black males more than doubled. There was also a sharp increase in other violent and non-violent crimes. In 2001, nearly 40 percent of arrests by the DEA were for cocaine and crack and over 20 percent of drug charges were related to crack.

What are the legal consequences of crack addiction?

The legal consequences for crack possession are much stricter than for many other drugs. A first-time offense for possession of crack carries a 5-year mandatory minimum sentence and a first-time offense for trafficking carries an average sentence of 10 years and six months. To put that into perspective, these sentences are nearly 60 percent longer than the average prison sentence received by rapists and nearly 40 percent longer than the average sentence received by those charged with weapons offenses.

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