How to Have a Sober New Year

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with parties and celebrations. However, the New Years of the past may have gone a bit too far. But this year is different, as you celebrate your recovery and a whole new you. If you want a sober New Year this year, then you will need to prepare for the cravings and temptations that can often accompany holiday parties and family gatherings.

Below are some ways that you can celebrate a sober New Year and create positive, lasting memories with friends and family. Also, remember that your addiction treatment program can help you prepare for New Year’s Eve.

Reach Out to Your Support Network for a Sober New Year

No matter where you are during the holidays, you’re never too far from someone who is willing to help you stay clean. Your therapist, accountability partner, mentor, family, and friends can help you stay on the path to recovery. You can reach out to them when you are feeling tempted to take drugs or drink.

Make sure you have your contacts in your phone for quick access. Also, talk to your support network in advance and let them know your plans. Make sure they are available to help you when you are struggling. With a strong support network, you can have the strength to enjoy a sober New Year.

Plan Out Your Sober New Year

Do you know what you are doing before, during, and after New Year? Who are you spending time with? What events are you attending? Better yet, what situations do you plan to avoid? Last, how will you plan your exit if something comes up that you were not prepared for? 

You may need to rethink some of your obligations to maintain a sober New Year. Last year’s party at the neighbor’s house could cause a recurrence in drinking or taking drugs. If you know where you are going and who you will spend time with during the holidays, you are less likely to fall into a tempting situation. So, take control of the holiday season, and make choices that promote your recovery.

Reduce Your Stress

The holidays can be just as stressful as they are relaxing. Several things can cause stress, such as family members or in-laws, travel, finances, or taking on too much. You may also have negative memories of the past or mourn the death of a loved one this time of year.

Whatever causes your stress, do your best to reduce it. Delegate responsibilities to other family members and avoid places that cause too much stress. Try to practice mindfulness and meditation. Finally, adjust your attitude toward the holidays. This New Year will be far better than last year’s because you will be celebrating a sober New Year.

Get Help for Your Addiction This Holiday Season

If you are currently struggling with alcohol addiction, there is help available at Casa Palmera. We provide comprehensive care for substance abuse at our alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, California. Contact us today to start your treatment and get on the road to a sober New Year.


This blog is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for medical advice. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and this content is to provide an overall understanding of substance use disorders. These disorders are very complex, and this post does not take into account the unique circumstances for every individual. For specific questions about your health needs or that of a loved one, seek the help of a healthcare professional.