Our Staff - Leadership Team

Clarisse Jimenez

Business Office Manager

Clarisse has been with Casa Palmera for over 8 years and is the business office manager. She started working as an insurance verification specialist in 2016 and has become knowledgeable of various insurance policies and trends, including submitting claims and follow-up reimbursement from insurance companies. Over the years, and multiple transitions within the company and in her role, she takes pride in ownership and always delivers the best quality of service she can provide to our patients and their families. 

“We don’t want any financials to be in the way of their treatment,” said Clarisse. “It is rewarding when I am able to provide answers to their financial inquiries and be able to explain further how their insurance works and what entails to their patient share of cost/insurance fees, while also building a trusting relationship as sometimes financial conversations are hard to do.”  

Clarisse is optimistic about the future and always has a positive mindset as she believes everything has a purpose. 

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself” -Yogananda