Six Stages Of Alcohol Intoxication

The Effects of Alcohol

Intoxication can have a number of effects on a person, particularly on the brain, as it is very sensitive to alcohol. Treatment for alcoholism is sometimes necessary for people addicted to this substance. Alcohol has nearly immediate effects on the body. The reason for this is that it requires no digestion, unlike other foods. The higher the blood alcohol content is in the body, the greater the effects of alcohol. We see these varying degrees of intoxication below:

  1. Euphoria
    Difficulty concentrating
    Lowered inhibitions
    Brighter color in the face
    Fine motor skills are lacking
  2. Excitement
    Senses are dulled
    Poor coordination
    Beginnings of erratic behavior
    Slow reaction time
    Impaired judgment
  3. Confusion
    Exaggerated emotions
    Difficulty walking
    Blurred vision
    Slurred speech
    Pain is dulled
  4. Stupor
    Cannot stand or walk
    Unconsciousness is possible
    Decreased response to stimuli
  5. Coma
    Low body temperature
    Possible death
    Shallow breathing
    Slow pulse
  6. Death
    Death as a result of respiratory arrest

What is Blood Alcohol Content?

Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. If someone were to have a BAC of .10, this would mean that one-tenth of 1% of the blood in their body is alcohol. The more alcohol a person consumes the more intoxicated and impaired they become. Over time, if alcohol use is frequent, addiction can result. In these cases, alcohol treatment rehab is often needed.

Alcohol percentage is determined by the amount of alcohol consumed, the time in which the alcohol was consumed, and body weight. Eating prior to, or while drinking, may also have temporary affects on BAC, reducing its effects. Typically, men require more alcohol to achieve the same BAC as women. Men require more alcohol to achieve these same effects because they are heavier and have a higher percentage of water per pound in their bodies. Alcohol addiction is problem often recognized far too late, however, once its symtoms are recognized it is important to seek alcoholic treatment from an alcohol rehabilitation center as soon as possible.

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19 Responses to “Six Stages Of Alcohol Intoxication”

  1. Adija

    My boy friend takes too much alcohol and also smoke and i fear it can cause him liver problem or kidney failure i am worried because i have losed so many people because of this behavior .i know he will not stop drinking because of the influence of his friends but a least if i can help him not to be at risk of this disease that are slow killers i will be grateful to myself.please i need to know how i can help him?

  2. Lou

    Adija. I don’t know where you live but there should be local support groups (hospital, church for example) that can provide information. There is also the Marchment Act, when in the event you think he is in danger of himself or others due to the alcohol abuse, you can go to court and initiate this Act, which forces him to go to a treatment program.

  3. Austin

    A lot of people i know dont drink and drive. Ive been taught never to drink in drive not for my sake but for others around me. I wouldnt be that mad if i hurt myself drinking and driving but if i hurt someone else i could never forgive myself. Plus drinking and driving never leads to a good outcome.

  4. Billy

    I have seen alcohol destroy a lot of my family members and it is very sad to see what they put not only themselves, but the rest of the family through. Alcohol is like other drugs and takes over a person immediately. I feel that if a person makes the decision to drink, they need to make the right choice and be responsible on the road and have someone that isn’t drinking drive or walk home.

  5. Destiny

    I’ve seen the affects of alcohol and i do not want myself or any of my family or friends to be involved with it, but can’t really control what other people do. I can suggest that they don’t and ask them not to, whether theyll listen..thats their choice.

  6. Grace

    Alcohol is really bad…. It affects your inner organs

  7. Ellie

    If you drink and drive, you might crash and die.

  8. Kaitlyn

    I think this is probably the one of the most important lessons for any driver to learn because it is so dangerous to you and everyone else on the road.

  9. JRay

    Many people should know when they’ve had enough to drink but they continue and continue and continue and each drink puts another persons live in danger when they’re at the wheel. My dads brother was killed by a drunk driver when he was younger and it changed his life forever.

  10. Mariah

    I have a family member that drinks to much. i hate that she drinks. She get drunk on the day that she lost her dad. I wish she didn’t drink because it has ruined her life in many ways.

  11. Jack

    this is going to be cliche but tell him, he can have you or the alcohol. pretty soon his drinking will lead to abuse to you and to others. please get away from him if he even yells at you while he is drunk. the problem will become worse over time if he doesn’t sober up

  12. James

    Does anyone know what alcohol level is at each stage? This information is needed for my class. I appreciate any help I can get.

  13. Anonymous

    I wonder if this is true with all alcohols, including steroids. Or all lipids for the matter. I know that water intoxication exists, but can too much of anything at all really kill you?