Have Traumatic Events Impacted Your Life?

What is a Traumatic Event?

A traumatic event is a circumstance in which an unexpected event takes place, causing fear, stress, and sometimes physical harm. This type of event can make a devastating impact on someone’s life, threatening their sense of security for years to come. Trauma therapy has been shown to be helpful in many cases of trauma.

Types of Traumatic Events

Traumatic events and disasters can occur naturally, deliberately, accidentally, or be repeated numerous times. Each one of these disasters is either a single or long term experience, and can be physically, mentally and emotionally devastating often leaving someone in need of trauma recovery therapy. Whatever the instance, each of these events can cause extreme trauma. This trauma is often most helped at a trauma treatment center where specific fears can be analyzed and discussed in trauma therapy.  Examples of traumatic events include:

Natural Disasters

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Avalanches

Accidental Disasters

  • Car crashes
  • Fires
  • Plane crashes
  • Explosions

Deliberate Disasters

  • Bombing
  • Robberies
  • Suicide
  • Shootings
  • Rape
  • Terrorism
  • Assault
  • Hostage situations
  • Homicide

Sustained/Repeated Events

  • War
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual abuse
  • Terrorist threats
  • Spousal abuse


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