Chronic Pain: Finding Relief

12 Forms of Treatment

Chronic pain can put unnecessary strains of person’s life. Not only does chronic pain influence the physical body of a person but it also affects psychological aspects of life.

Due to the wide variety of chronic pain complications that can occur, it is difficult to determine which specific pain treatment method may be right for you. In some cases advice from a personal doctor or assistance from a local pain treatment center may need to be sought. The following is a list of therapies and pain treatment methods offered to those with chronic pain.

  1. Physical Therapy – Physical therapy can be either an active or a passive therapy. As an active therapy, this type of pain treatment involves numerous stretching techniques and specific exercises. When physical therapy acts as a passive pain therapy, varying temperature packs are often used as a form of relief. The aim of this therapy is to heal and prevent injury as well as improve a person’s range of motion.
  2. Herbal Remedies – The use of herbs in healing has been a practice for numerous years. Although there is some debate of the effectiveness of this healing strategy, there are numerous amounts of people who would personally vouch for the use of herbs in healing and pain relief.
  3. Healing Touch Therapy – In order for healing touch therapy to work, a general sense that all people are naturally healthy must be felt. During this therapy the therapist places their hands above a person’s body and through a range of motions attempts to restore energy and health in a person.
  4. TENS Treatment – This type of therapy involves the use of electrical stimulation of the nerves. By performing this procedure, pain can be reduced. The electrical current that travels through the body during this therapy, sends signals to the brain temporarily relieving chronic pain.
  5. Acupuncture – Acupuncture treatment, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is used to stimulate the energy fields in the body which release endorphins. During this treatment, very fine needles are inserted in the skin at certain meridian points on the body. This procedure is available to provide relief for those with chronic pain and other conditions such as fibromyalgia.
  6. Exercise – Exercise should play an important role in the life of most everyone with chronic pain. While rest may be beneficial, research has shown that those who continued with their normal routines healed faster and were overall happier due to the release of endorphins.
  7. Trigger Point Injection – These types of injections are primarily meant for use in muscle trigger points. When these trigger points are injected they are made inactive, ultimately relieving pain. Several common areas of injection include muscles in the arms, legs, lower back and neck.
  8. Bioelectric Therapy – This type of therapy reduced pain in the body by encouraging the production of endorphins and by blocking pain signals to the brain.
  9. Massage therapy – Massage therapy is used to reduce tension in the body as well as to provide relief for those with chronic pain. This type of therapy is performed by rubbing various muscle tissues in the body, reducing stress and increasing blood flow. In many pain treatment centers, massage (for an additional cost)therapy can be very beneficial.
  10. Drug Treatment – For some people, chronic pain can not be relieved by exercise and therapy alone. In these cases it is often necessary and beneficial to use prescription and non-prescription drugs. Names of these drugs include acetaminophen, aspirin, muscle relaxants, antidepressants and morphine.
  11. Psychological Therapy – This form of pain therapy is beneficial in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and depression. These feelings play a great role in the impact pain has in someone’s life, often making chronic pain worse. Through this therapy helpful ways to manage stress and relax are taught, as well as several other educational skills needed to manage pain.
  12. Yoga – Yoga is a form of exercise involving meditation and flexibility. Depending on the specific type of yoga therapy, many chronic pain patients can benefit from this practice. This therapy is used to release calm feelings throughout the body as stress is reduced. A variety of pain rehab centers offer this form of exercise therapy.