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Escondido may mean “hidden” in Spanish, but this city has a well-known reputation as an idyllic place to live in San Diego County. It has a rich historical legacy that dates back to the city’s roots in 1888. It has beautiful scenery, with rolling hills, two lakes, numerous parks, and incredible vistas. It has both a thriving business center and citrus groves that hearken back to Southern California’s agricultural history. It has both a prestigious performing arts center and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Not many other cities can say they have lions, elephants, and other wild 

animals roaming in their backyards but that’s one of the many reasons that Escondido is unique.


Escondido encompasses many different facets, in no small part due to its size: almost 37.5 sprawling square miles. Since 1980, the population has more than doubled, from 64,355 residents to 147,294 residents as of 2015. The demographics of the city, not surprisingly, are also varied: Hispanic, white, Asian/Pacific Islander, black, and mixed race are the major demographic groups. The median age is 33.5 years old, and the gender population is almost evenly split between males and females. When it comes to median income, Escondido residents embody a wide range: the largest group (22 percent) makes more than $100,000 per year, while the second-largest groups (17 percent) make $15,000 to $30,000 and $30,000 to $45,000 a year, respectively.

That diversity extends to the city’s business community. Firms based in Escondido work in health care, construction, retail, real estate, finance, and numerous other industries. The city also has an extensive cultural scene, which includes the California Center for the Arts, Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Sculpture Garden, the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, and several art galleries. Alongside the arts is a vibrant food culture, with multiple restaurants, craft breweries, and urban wineries that attract locals and tourists. Finally, there are the tremendous opportunities to enjoy Escondido’s beautiful weather. In addition to the two lakes within the city limits, there is the Daley Ranch nature preserve, Kit Carson Park, and the Del Dios Highlands Preserve, as well as many other locations ideal for hiking, biking, sports, and more.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Escondido Residents

Escondido has a lot to offer. But if you live there and want to seek treatment for substance addictions, you should consider an out-of-town option. The decision to pursue recovery is a momentous one, and it will call for an intense focus on working through the issues surrounding your addiction. That may be hard to do if you are still in the town where you live—and even harder if you are trying to get away from those people or places that can hinder your recovery.
Casa Palmera, located in the city of Del Mar, is the ideal place to seek out treatment for addiction. We offer a continuum of care, ranging from residential to outpatient programs, which provides clients with personalized attention. Our experienced and caring staff members, including many licensed professionals, are ready to help you pursue sobriety and want to give you the tools to succeed. If you have been seeking an effective drug and alcohol treatment program, look no further. Contact Casa Palmera today.