Nutrition and Dining


Nutrition is an essential component of our program at Casa Palmera. We strive to help our patients redevelop a healthy relationship with food. Our program is specifically designed to:

  • Replenish nutrient status after substance use or insufficient food intake
  • Healthy eating habit education: eating rhythm, balanced meals, quality
  • Post-discharge nutrition: menu planning, meal preparation,

Our expert dietitians and nutritionist provide clarity amidst the confusion from the food industry by dispelling myths and providing sound scientific individualized nutritional advice. Our dietary team can accommodate a variety of nutritional needs, food allergies, or vegetarian preferences. Our kitchen staff consistently receives 4 star or higher reviews from patients for their quality, flavor, freshness, healthfulness, variety, preparation, and presentation.

While we emphasize primarily quality whole food nutrition, we do not restrict any foods and all foods can be part of a balanced diet—though some in more moderation than others. While there are no “good” or “bad” foods per se, all foods exist on a spectrum of vitality and we encourage patients to care for and nourish themselves with more vital foods the majority of the time. We advocate an 80%/20% philosophy meaning 80% of the time try to consume real quality whole foods. Thus a complete food plan has lot of free space, yet overall it is vital, nutrient dense and nourishing.

The Nutrition program at Casa Palmera consists of personalized individual assessment, private follow-up nutritional consultations, educational lectures, menu planning, meal and snack creation and supplementation. It is performed by highly qualified professionals and licensed providers committed to helping each patient achieve their desired nutritional goals, recovery, and optimal health.