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Understanding the nature of substance use and the extent of your possible addiction is critical to knowing what to do next. Assessing whether your substance use is really abuse helps you understand how use habits and all of the other parts of your life intersect. Substance abuse assessment also allows for accurate diagnosis, effective case management, and treatment that works.

Only a trained substance abuse professional can give you a complete and thorough substance abuse assessment, but sometimes you need to know for yourself when it might be time to take that step. These addiction risk assessments were designed for exactly that purpose. Not serving as a formal diagnostic tool, our substance abuse questionnaires are intended to help those who want to better a understanding of their own behavior in a private setting as they decide what to do next.

It may sound surprising, but there are many substance abuse assessment tools out there today—and some are not as effective as others. The chemical dependency tests and other risk assessments we’ve gathered here are based on the collective knowledge, education, training, and experience we share here at Casa Palmera. They are designed to help people like you understand the nature of substance abuse more generally, and provide a handy tool for breaking down your own behavior as you search for clues about what comes next in your life.

As you use our substance abuse assessments, please remember a few important facts. An online quiz can’t take the place of a face-to-face, professional assessment. Casa Palmera does not intend to present these risk assessments as if they are comprehensive discussions of addiction and substance abuse, which are incredibly complex topics. Instead, these substance abuse questionnaires are designed to help you examine pieces of your life one at a time, paying attention to important facts that may relate to substance abuse overall.

Substance Abuse Self Assessments









MDMA and Ecstasy

General Drug Abuse Assessment

Addiction Risk Assessments Overview

Are you ready to take a closer look at your own habits and ideas about substance abuse? These addiction risk assessments can help you do that.

As an overview, keep a few things in mind. Take time to answer the questions of the assessment. It doesn’t take long to complete any of our assessments, but make sure you have a few minutes to do it when you can focus and won’t be interrupted. This way enhance the quality of your results and help avoid mistakes.

You’ll notice that each substance abuse assessment covers several areas, including actual physical habits, thoughts, ideas, and motivations. Try to answer each question as honestly as possible—don’t cheat yourself. Ultimately, you can use your results to find the best treatment if that’s what you need, with your coping style, strengths, specific addiction issues, and personal preferences in mind.

At Casa Palmera, we believe that an empowered patient is more likely to succeed. We want to give you the tools you need to be well, whether we treat you here in our world-class facility or not. In that vein, we offer our substance abuse assessments.


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