Rehabilitation Blog Posts by Casa Palmera Staff

What is After Care Peer Support?

When treatment ends, the work of recovery begins in earnest. This phase of rehabilitation is generally known as after care.  A solid after care program tailored to someone’s individual needs… Read More

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

The decision to enter into a recovery program for substance abuse is a positive one, but for many people, there are still several uncertainties surrounding it. Chief among them is… Read More

Methods for Managing Anxiety

  When you’re in the grip of anxiety, it may feel like you can never get out of it. “Anxiety is a continuous stream of negativity that keeps interrupting your… Read More

What Causes Drug Addiction?

What Causes Drug Addiction?

You may be curious about what causes drug addiction. Drug addiction is a disease of the body and brain. Also called substance use disorder, drug addiction triggers uncontrollable behaviors and… Read More