Rehabilitation Blog Posts by Casa Palmera Staff

The Link Between PTSD and Substance Abuse

ptsd and addiction

According to TIME Magazine, the “vast majority” of those who struggle with addiction have also suffered significant traumatic events in their past. Moreover, many who are battling addiction are simultaneously… Read More

Supporting a Loved One During Recovery

Navigating the recovery process can be difficult for both the person undergoing recovery and their loved ones. Recovery can present new physical challenges as well as emotional hurdles. Often, the… Read More

10 Tips for a Sober New Year

The New Year represents a clean slate and an opportunity to realign your life. With the New Year comes a refreshed sense of purpose and the motivation to create a… Read More

What Drugs Are Opiates?


Opiates, originally derived from the poppy plant, have been around for thousands of years. People use opiates for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Some opiates come from the raw, natural… Read More