OxyContin Treatment Programs

OxyContin is a powerful painkiller that, when used correctly, is a highly effective at treating pain. When OxyContin is misused or abused, however, it can be one of the most addictive prescription painkillers available. Nicknamed “Hillbilly Heroin” for its cheap powerful high and opiate-based properties, OxyContin can produce the same dangerous dependence and withdrawal symptoms as heroin. Thankfully, OxyContin treatment programs are available to help individuals break their addiction and regain their health and happiness.

The Importance of OxyContin Treatment Programs

Abusing OxyContin can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms that are similar to the intensity of heroin withdrawal. That’s why OxyContin treatment programs are so important — they allow the individual to safely detox and manage withdrawal symptoms in a supervised setting, while at the same time addressing the issues and behaviors that have led to the misuse of OxyContin. Without the help of an OxyContin treatment program, many people are unable to stop using OxyContin on their own.

The Basic Steps of OxyContin Treatment Programs

There are many OxyContin treatment programs across the country, each with their own method of treatment. Regardless of where you seek treatment, every OxyContin rehabilitation program will follow the same basic, tried-and-true treatment steps.

OxyContin Detox —

The first step of any OxyContin treatment program is to enter a detoxification program. OxyContin is an opiate that’s derived from the same chemical base as heroin. Just like heroin withdrawal, OxyContin withdrawal can be painful and difficult. During the detox process, the individual will be safely monitored and treated for withdrawal symptoms as the body gets rid of all the harmful toxins left behind from the opiate abuse. For chronic abusers, this might include assisted medical detox using medicines such as methadone, buprenorphine and suboxone to lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Treatment —

Residential treatment provides a structured environment that’s free of temptations, distraction and access to OxyContin so that the mental addiction can be broken. Residential treatment for OxyContin addiction provides round-the-clock care and support to help the patient focus on their recovery and teach them the skills needed to live a drug-free life. It also provides a temporary escape from the daily stresses and responsibilities of home, work, family and other relationships so the patient can solely focus on recovery.

Addiction Counseling —

People who abuse OxyContin develop not only a strong physical dependence, but also a strong psychological dependence to the drug. Some abusers will be so mentally dependent on the effects of the drug that they will convince themselves they need OxyContin in order to survive. A comprehensive approach that combines behavioral therapy, individual counseling, 12-step support, drug testing, dual diagnosis and positive reinforcement has been shown to be the most effective way to reduce OxyContin abuse.

Aftercare —

Addiction treatment lays the foundation for living a sober lifestyle, while aftercare builds the first strong building blocks of sobriety. Aftercare helps patients transition to “the outside” and apply the lessons they learned in rehab with the support of professionals and other addicts in recovery. There are many forms of aftercare programs, including sober living, 12-step programs and follow-up counseling. Choosing which aftercare program to enter is a personal choice one makes with their drug counselor. It also one of the most important decisions to be made after treatment.

OxyContin Treatment Programs at Casa Palmera

At Casa Palmera, we understand that OxyContin addiction is more than just a physical addiction that requires detox. We know that there are many life experiences and circumstances that have led to the addiction in the first place. Our experienced team of counselors will work with you to determine the root causes of your addiction and treat both your physical addiction as well as the mental and emotional factors that have led to your addiction. In addition to the basic methods OxyContin addiction treatment, we also offer a variety of holistic treatment therapies that are designed to address your entire well-being.

Don’t let an addiction to OxyContin continue to strip your life of happiness. Call Casa Palmera today and break the addiction cycle.


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