Street Names Of Cocaine



All-American drug, Aunt Nora, Barbs, Blow, Coke, Dream, Foo-foo dust, Her, King’s habit, Peruvian lady, Snow, Tardust, Witch and Zip.

Crack Cocaine

Beam, Bopper, Candy, CDs, Electric kool-aid, Girl, Mighty white, Pop, Real tops, Rock, Sevenup, Space, Twinkie and Yam.

Powder Cocaine

Aspirin, Aunt, Candy sugar, Devil’s dandruff, Fast white lady, Flave, Pariba, Shake, Shrile, Soft, Sugar boogers, Uptown, White dragon and Yao.

Inhaled Cocaine

Blow blue, Blow coke, Booster, Cork the air, Do a line, Geeze, Hitch up the reindeers, Horning, One and one, Pop, Sniff, Snort and Toke.

Cocaine Mixed with Marijuana

51, Bazooka, Blunt, Candy sticks, Cocktail, Dirties, Greek, Gremmies, Lace, Premos, Primo turbo, Splitting, Tio and Woolie.

Cocaine Mixed with Heroin

Belushi, Boy-girl, Crisscrossing, Dynamite, Flamethrowers, Goofball, H & C, He-she, Murder one, Primos, Smoking gun, Snowball, Speedballing and Whiz bang.

Cocaine Mixed with Other Drugs and Chemicals

Beam me up Scottie, Bumping up, C & M, Candy flipping on a string, Cigamos, Cotton brothers, Croak, Draf, Five-way, Handlebars, Pseudocaine, Shabu and Snow seals.