Conscious Recovery at Casa Palmera

A Groundbreaking Approach to Recovery

“You are a whole and perfect spiritual being. You are not broken. You are unharmed & unharmable.”

The founder and CEO of Conscious Recovery, TJ Woodward, believes these statements are true for everyone, especially those seeking refuge from and freeing themselves of addiction. At Casa Palmera, we want to provide patients access to various types of treatment, including spiritual approaches like Conscious Recovery. We see Conscious Recovery as a groundbreaking method to tackling addiction and are proud to add it as a curriculum that supplements the evidence-based and experiential treatments we are known for.


The Conscious Recovery Difference

For people who have struggled with drug or alcohol abuse, they may see themselves as flawed and imperfect. But Conscious Recovery wants to stamp out this train of thought and help people realize they are perfect and always have been—it’s looking to get to the core of who a person is and reinforcing that they are whole and not damaged. Conscious Recovery goes a step further to help an individual deepen their perspective about recovery and themselves. These deeper steps—this spiritual awakening—can help people turn their lives around for a lifetime.


What Patients Can Expect from the Curriculum

Patients from any level of care at Casa Palmera can be part of the Conscious Recovery curriculum. This enhanced course is seamlessly added to an individual’s treatment program and is guided by Conscious Recovery-trained therapists. When enrolled, this is what they get:


  • Conscious Recovery handbook
  • Study groups utilizing the book, Conscious Recovery, by TJ Woodward
  • Access to online Conscious Recovery video courses
  • Weekly clinician-led group discussions


Take the Additional Steps with Conscious Recovery

As the first substance use facility in Southern California to be Conscious Recovery-certified, Casa Palmera is honored to offer this revolutionary course to all patients. This allows those who are overcoming addiction a real chance to reflect not only on their physical and mental well-being but their spiritual health, too. Talk to our caring staff today and learn more about Conscious Recovery at Casa Palmera.