Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Recovery

Approximately 53% of people who use drugs and 37% of people who abuse alcohol are known to have had at least one psychological disorder. Casa Palmera is a holistic-based residential dual diagnosis treatment facility. We offer a variety of unique programs that separates us from virtually all other behavioral health facilities in America.

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Safe & dignified detoxification program
  • Suboxone treatment available
  • Integrative medicine
  • Compassionate and skilled medical staff
  • Holistic mind and body program
  • Individualized approach to treatment
  • Insurance accepted*

Dual diagnosis is the technical term for patients who display the presence of both a mental disorder and either drug or alcohol abuse. It is often difficult to treat someone with two or more of these problems. Most treatment facilities will often only address one “primary disorder” and give little or no attention to the other problems. Casa Palmera’s skill at treating dual diagnosis is beneficial because it allows you to find treatment for each of your problems equally. By incorporating each condition into the same program, and giving both problems the same amount of attention, recovery from both disorders is possible. This creates a better overall recovery rate, especially if symptoms of each problem overlap one another.

Common Co-Occurring Conditions

  • Alcoholism + Depression
  • Heroin Addiction + Bipolar Disorder
  • Eating Disorder + Anxiety
  • Methamphetamine + Mental Trauma
  • Cocaine Addiction + Paranoia
  • Drug Abuse + Suicide Risk
  • Alcohol Abuse + PTSD

We at Casa Palmera understand that having two different health complications in your life, causing dual diagnosis, is often emotionally painful and physically draining. When you suffer from two different health challenges, sometimes one takes a higher priority than the other. Because of this, your trauma, addiction or eating disorder can become even worse, and in turn, both issues can become inflamed.

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Our Healing Environment

  • Secluded & tranquil campus
  • Complete patient confidentiality
  • Fitness center and yoga on premises
  • 24/7 security

Patient Success

“Casa saves lives. The place is magic. I am a miracle. I am so blown away by my journey.”
– S.P.