Oceanside Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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Oceanside is the quintessential Southern California beach town and encompasses the best of what the region has to offer to locals, as well as to visitors.

It has a rich history, as signified by the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, part of the legendary 21-mission trail that travels the length of the state. Oceanside also has a beautiful coastline, with 3.5 miles of beaches and a majestic, 1,954-foot-long pier. Water sports are also popular here, with the 1,000-slip marina that houses locals’ boats for fishing, water skiing, and day trips, as well as ocean travelers who are stopping by.

Oceanside is a thriving transportation hub, with a train station and municipal airport. It also has an eclectic and fund downtown scene, where new restaurants and boutiques are always popping up and a farmers market offers a bounty of fresh produce and other items for sale. Speaking of fresh produce, the region’s rich agricultural traditions still live on in Oceanside, with farmers growing crops such as avocados and citrus fruits.  When it comes to culture, the city’s Star Theatre is home to numerous productions each year and Oceanside is home to four museums, including the Oceanside Museum of Art and the California Surf Museum.

In Southern California, people enjoy being in the great outdoors. That’s true in Oceanside as well, whether its surfers hanging 10 at the beach or families hiking in one of the city’s 30 parks. It helps that Oceanside is blessed with an ideal climate, where the average temperature is a blissful 66 degrees. Finally, Oceanside has a deep patriotic streak, thanks to the brave men and women who serve at the Marine base Camp Pendleton.

It’s easy to see why people love living in Oceanside. The city’s growing population is currently 177,362, with a median age of 34.9. A multicultural group of people call the city home—whites and Hispanics make up the two largest groups, but there are also a number of Asian, black, Pacific Islanders, American Indian, and biracial residents as well, according to population figures. That diversity is also very Southern California.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Oceanside Residents

For Oceanside residents seeking treatment for addiction, Casa Palmera is an ideal solution. Located in the coastal San Diego County city of Del Mar, it is located close enough to Oceanside for convenience, but far enough away that clients can come and truly hone in on their addiction issues and the tools they need to learn that will carry them through recovery.

Casa Palmera offers an array of treatment programs to suit any client’s needs, including residential and outpatient options. The goal with any program is to provide each person holistic, attentive, and experienced care that focuses on them as a whole person. We don’t just deal with addiction on its own—we also look at other areas that are affected by substance abuse, including mental and physical health, lifestyle choices, and more.  We closely analyze each client’s values and challenges so we can best address their needs in recovery. The result is a truly healing experience, created in a warm, supportive, and safe environment. If you are ready to commit to recovery, contact Casa Palmera today.